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Dog Collars

Dog collars are an important tool in dog training. The type of collar used in obedience training depends on the type of training and the trainer.

You may have heard of some of these types of collars before and some may be new. I will list the most common types of dog collars and their uses. Some collars work better than others for training. Some collars are easier for the owner to use than others as well.

- CHOKE CHAIN This is the most common style of training collar. It is simply a small chain with a ring at each end. You use it by slipping the chain through one end ring of the collar so it forms a letter P shape. Attach the lead to the other end ring. The prescribed use of this collar is to snap quickly on the lead to perform a correction.

The usability in obedience for the average person is non existent. Most dog owners fail to use this tool properly resulting in inconsistent obedience training.

- PINCH COLLAR Some say this collar looks like a medieval torture device. On the contrary. In its intended use it doesn't pinch the dog either. This collar is made up of links that are shaped like 2 fingers. You use it by separating 2 of the links and applying it around the dog's neck, re-attaching the links that were separated, similar to putting on a necklace. The prescribed use of this collar is to snap the lead quickly similar to the choke chain.

The usability in obedience for the average person is wonderful. Even the smallest person can correct with this collar with ease. It makes for easy timing and consistent results. If the collar is not fitted properly, or if you don't have formal training with this tool your obedience will suffer and so will your dog.

- REMOTE TRAINING COLLAR or E-COLLAR Absolutely the MOST misunderstood, misused collar available on the market. This collar is electronic. The collar goes on just as a buckle collar does. The remote has different levels of stimulation and a button or two to exert the stimulation.

Most people call this the shock collar, or the zapper. These euphemism draw negative attention to one of the most powerful tools for obedience training available. The stimulation it delivers to the dog is a static shock, akin to walking across the carpet in the winter time and touching a door knob. It DOESN'T electrocute your dog. In responsible hands, and with proper professional dog training this tool is by far the easiest and most reliable way to obedience train your dog.

-HALTIES AND GENTLE LEADERS Although these implements are in the dog collar section at your store they are NOT training collars. These devices work on the principal of dominance. You slip the implement over the dog's nose and neck. This places the dog in a submissive state of mind, TEMPORARILY. The problem with these things is once you take it off, the dog simply goes back to his old habits....yeah the bad ones. So in order for your dog to listen, the implement needs to be on at ALL times. Not such a realistic prospect for the average person.

Ease of use is amazing. You will put the implement on your dog and walk with ease! BUT BE WARNED, as far as TRAINING your dog goes, these are simply band-aids and will NOT do you any help in long term reliability for obedience or behavior modifications. BUYER BEWARE

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